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Your celebration. Supercharged.

Your celebration stands or falls with the music.

The right selection of music will make you and your guests have a great time – in the moment and every time you think back.

Hadron Sounds in DJ pose

Why hire Hadron Sounds as a DJ for your celebration?

Meet your DJ: Hadron Sounds

„Starting at the age of 13, I played countless shows and parties all over Europe.

Performing for varied audiences, I acquired a very wide repertoire, especially in electronic music. This earned me a residency on the Selection Live Show (with 3 Million monthly listeners). No matter the age of your guests, I’ll make their atoms dance.

By hiring me, you entrust your celebration’s music to someone that knows what they are doing and cares about it going well.” – Hadron Sounds

Musical expertise

What to expect:

It’s simple: Music that will make your and your guests’ atoms dance:

  • Dance & Pop that everyone will jump and sing along to.
  • Disco, 80s, 90s 2000s for fans of the classics.
  • Electro Swing, Deep & Tribal House – and almost anything electronic.

After you decide to book:

This is about your celebration.

In your personal consultation we’ll discover and fine tune the experience you want to create. I’ll handle the rest:

  • Help you plan sound & lighting.
  • Curate the playlist. 
  • Create a one of a kind emotional experience.

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Your personalized proposal for your celebration.

You might wonder...

This depends entirely on the location and experience you want to create. I will happily assist you in choosing the appropriate sound and lighting systems for your event. Send me the details you have or your contact at the venue and I’ll take care of it. If necessary, we’ll work with one of my technical providers.

I always bring a mobile DJ Setup of laptop, controller, and microphone. Including the appropriate cables to connect to the venue’s sound and lighting systems. I’ll need a table of appropriate height (90-120cm) as well as power outlets near where you’d like me to perform.

Usually within 48 hours after your email for form submission.

You may pay the deposit (to lock in your date) via bank transfer. The remaining balance can be paid via bank transfer (in advance) or in cash (on the day, before the show).

To take the party to the next level, I’ll collaborate a live saxophone, violin or percussion player. If you already have specific ideas, please let me know and we’ll make those happen.

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Let’s see if we’re right for each other. Message me your desired dates as well as any questions you might have. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.