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Dance. Pop.

Hadron Sounds creates an energetic blend of Dance-Pop and live instruments. Inspired by EDM, Jazz and Brass, his fresh sound electrifies anything from your living room to a festival stage.

Hadron Sounds in DJ pose

What inspires me?

Subatomic “Hadron” particles hold together atoms. Give them their energy and set them in motion. That’s what I want my music to do with you!


Who, where from, how?


Inspired by childhood influences of Jazz and Brass in south-western Germany as well as Electro and Pop from the early 2010s, Hadron Sounds creates an energetic blend of Electronic Dance Music and live instruments. Whether you’re listening in your living room or a big club, Hadron Sounds’ earworms and DJ sets will make you feel electrified. After honing his craft through studies and industry work in London between 2016 and 2020, he is now based in Berlin and creating more music to make your atoms dance.


Music is worth more than a thousand words.


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