Dance-Pop Production

Your song. An earworm.

You want to make your mark in Electronic Pop music.

You have a song idea you believe in. You have a vision for the energy, the feeling and the sound. Now it’s time to collaborate and make your vision become reality.

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Why produce your song with Hadron Sounds?

Meet your producer: Hadron Sounds

„I’ve produced artists from all over the world, as well as many of my own songs. I deeply feel how emotional it can be to bring a song to life. Good communication and an appreciative attitude are essential. Trust that you can rely on my experience at every step of the way: Be it, songwriting, production, recording or mixing –  Your success is our success.’ – Hadron Sounds

The Process

How we'll bring your earworm to life:

We’ll get together to talk through your inspirations, ideas and wishes. Then we’ll finalise the songwriting and create the foundation of your track.

After creating an inspiring instrumental, we’ll record vocals and any necessary instruments.

No matter how little or much experience you have. I’ll guide you step by step. We’ll find ourselves with outstanding recordings, full of emotion.

With all elements in place, we will fine-tune your song to fully maximise its potential. I’ll create a commercial grade mix of your masterpiece.

And if you need mastering, album art or anything else, I’ll happily redirect you to one of my colleagues.

You might wonder...

Yes, we indeed need a studio. And with a little tech wizardry, you’ll be able to see, hear and control mine. We’ll create the song on my computer and then record the performers where they are. If we happen to be near each other, I’m also happy to meet and work with you in person.

We both want your song to be comprised of stellar recordings. That means your focus needs to be on delivering an emotional performance. To ensure this, I’ll take over the technical side of the session – in person or remotely.

  • If we’re geographically close, we can book time at a nearby studio.
  • Otherwise I’ll help you choose, set up and optimize your space and equipment for online recording sessions and we’ll work remotely.

We will usually be able to create a good instrumental within the first two sessions. Recording can start as soon as we’re certain of the arrangement. Recording full vocals usually takes 2-4 sessions of 3 hours. Editing, fine-tuning, mixing and revisions (depending on the song) may take 3-4 weeks.  All in all, at a moderate pace, we’ll take 2-3 months from the first session to the final mix. Faster if we need to be.

Production and songwriting are very intertwined in electronic music. Working with me, you’ll keep 85% of your publishing rights and 80% of your sales (streams, downloads etc.) – subject to negotiation before release.


Get in touch

Sounds exciting?

Let’s see if we’re right for each other. Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.