Club & Festival DJ

Music that electrifies.

Your show stands or falls with your choice of musical acts.

The right selection of music will make your guests have the time of their lives – and come back for more.

Hadron Sounds in DJ pose

Why book Hadron Sounds as DJ for your show?

Meet your DJ: Hadron Sounds

„From the age of 13, I performed countless bars, clubs and events around Europe.

My primary love is for Dance and Pop music. Playing to diverse audiences, I developed a broad knowledge of music of all styles. A residency on the Laurent Schark Selection (monthly radio show with 3 million+ listeners) helped me solidify my craft and repertoire. 

You want your audience to have a one of a kind experience. I’ll make their atoms dance.“

Hadron Sounds

Musical expertise

What to expect:

It’s simple: An eclectic blend of music that will make your guests’ atoms dance.


  • Deep & Soulful House for an elegant warm-up.
  • Charts & Pop and they’ll scream at the top of their lungs.
  • Electro & Dance that makes the ceiling crumble.
  • Electro Swing, Disco and more – lead by inspiration and requests.

It's more than just the music.

World class performance. Professional interaction.

In your individual planning session, we’ll discuss the experience you want to create. From then on, we’ll keep communicating to make the show a full success. Trust that I will:

  • Play your crowd like an instrument.
  • Stick to agreements and keep a professional attitude.
  • Elegantly handle song requests and announcements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I generally come with my own controller and computer. Including a microphone and all connecting cables. If timings or logistics make this troublesome, we will find another solution.

Please provide a suitable DJ booth or table (90-120cm in height) as well as main power outs and XLR/ Mixer into the PA. 

Usually within 48 hours after your email or contact form submission. In urgent cases please call me.

The deposit (to lock in the date) shall be paid via bank transfer. The remaining balance can be paid via bank transfer (in advance) or in cash on the day (before the show).

To take the party to the next level, I’ll happily collaborate with live instrumentalists, VJs and more. Please let me know as soon as possible so we can make it happen

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Let’s see if we’re right for each other. Please send your desired dates and times, along with any questions or specific requests you already have. I’ll get back to you for a personal consultation as soon as possible.