Vocal Production

Your. Vocals. Supercharged.

Your track’s success stands and falls with the vocal. Vocal Production ist the process of recording, editing and mixing your vocal performance to maximise your voice’s musical and emotional impact.

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Why vocal production with Hadron Sounds?

Recording & Studio Coaching

Say "good bye" to multitaksing in the studio!

I take command of the technical facilitation and guide you through the recording. You can then fully focus on delivering an emotionally outstanding performance. I’ll capture all that energy so your listeners will feel it.

This lightens your responsibilities and speeds up the process. And the result will make you even happier. Plus, we can even achieve this remotely!

Editing & Processing

Let your vocals shine!

You already recorded Vocals at a home or professional studio? I’ll transform the raw takes into sparkling, professional vocal stems.

Achieve pro-level rhythm, pitch and sonic fullness. This massively increases your song’s success potential.

Get in touch

Sounds interesting?

Let’s see if we’re right for each other. Send me a message with your music and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.