Vocal Producer & Artist

Makes your atoms dance.

Vocal Producer and Artist Hadron Sounds works with vocalists worldwide. Let his Dance-Pop songs electrify you and make your atoms dance.

Music that electrifies.

Vocal Producer

Supercharge your Dance-Pop vocals.

Music production and audio are worlds of specialisation. This is why I only record and produce vocals for electronic music, specifically Dance-Pop. You can be sure to work with a seasoned expert.

Recording & Studio Coaching

You focus on your artistically and emotionally best performance. I’ll take care of the technical side and guide you through the recording process.

Vocal Editing & Processing

I will transform your raw vocal recordings you’re recorded at any professional or home studio into outstanding, ready to use vocal stems.


Electrifying music that makes your atoms dance.

Hadrons are subatomic particles. They are responsible for an atom’s movement and cohesion. The same is true for Hadron Sounds’ blend of Electro, Pop and live instruments. Music that brings together and makes your atoms dance. 

Whether in your living room or at a big club: Hadron Sounds’s earworms and DJ Sets are electrifying.


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