Lightstream ft. Jace Payackapan out now!

⇩Lightstream ft. Jace Payackapan OUT NOW⇩


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After a glorious response to "Bright Night ft. Jace Payackapan", we decided to create a second song together.
"Lightstream" was conceptualized in October, the composition finished in march and after many hours of hard work recording & editing the vocals as well as perfecting the mix and balance, we are very proud to finally be able to release this masterpiece that will make your atoms dance!

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The lyrics were inspired by different topics such as breakups, drastic changes in both Jace’s and my life and finding a way to sort of „rise from the ashes“.

The decision to produce both an Original Mix as well as a Radio Edit was inevitable since we figured the song needs to be compact enough for Radio and Podcast play but at the same time leave enough space for DJs and remixers to do their magic.



Verse 1:
Now in this moment ,
After the end.
End of this torment,
New light ascends.

End of the night,
oh the Daylight seeps in.
Starting new, ending the old.

Now in this moment,
What will the future hold?

Verse 2:
I'll keep the memories,
A casket of gold.
Treasure the good times,
Learn from the old.

End of the night,
now Tomorrow will start,
Bathe in the new light at last.

Now in this moment,
I'll start all over again!

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